About Slingstrap


Slingstrap is the first product released by Wildstar Adventures, created by Debbie Isaacs in partnership with Inventor.

It's a slim, lightweight cross body strap that slings around the torso and fits a water bottle, phone and minimal essentials, the idea of the Slingstrap is to give everyday adventurers the freedom to explore, engage with nature and move their body for health and happiness, combined with the peace of mind knowing their belongings are safe and easy to take with them.

So many of us love to get out and have an adventure (or even just an everyday activity like going for a walk), but the reality of modern life gives us a range of excuses every time - it’s too cold, too far, too hot, I don’t have the right equipment, what will I do with my stuff?

Slingstrap is designed to make it as easy as possible to just get up and go. It’s taking your everyday adventure back to basics. It’s truly about being in the moment, whether that's walking down to the shops, taking the dog for a run or mountain biking with your friends.

Its about getting out there and reconnecting with nature, feeling the sun on your face, enjoying fresh air and being a big kid, creating a sense of nostalgia and offering the serious recharge time that we all need.

Slingstrap exists to help adventurers find their freedom, by removing unnecessary, everyday worries.

So what are you waiting for? Sling it on and get going!