Why Wildstar?

When I started this journey to create The Slingstrap it was never my intention to start my own company. I just had this great idea for a product that was a solution to carry things while exercising. Basically, I designed it for myself as I really needed and wanted one when I was out walking.

Being very naïve and totally new to this, it never occurred to me that you need to have a company to register a trademark or even to start development.

Then it became an issue of what will I call the company? I wanted it to be something that would stand out, be memorable as a brand and that would reflect my personality and the things I hoped to achieve with it.

As a child of the 80’s and a geek I loved watching all the cartoons that used to be on in the afternoons after school and  Saturday mornings such as Mask, danger mouse, Thundercats, Astroboy, g-force, Ulysses etc but one of my all-time favourites was Starblazers.

It was an epic space adventure which you had to watch in order so you wanted to see each episode in-case you missed something important.

One of the main characters was called Derek Wildstar! I always thought this was the coolest surname ever!

It was so evocative of a galactic hero, fighting for earth out amongst the stars and wild, as he was a bit of a rebel. I always related to this as I was a bit of a rebel without a cause as a kid and I loved how it was so unusual and exotic, it made me totally want to swap my own boring name for it.

So when I was asked to come up with a name for my company this was the first one that sprang to mind. However, it wasn’t available on the ASIC register or as a domain so with a bit of tweaking and thought as to what I wanted my company to do in the long term Wildstar Concepts Pty Ltd came to life.

All ideas are conceptual to begin with and shine brightly in your mind until they can be brought to life. This is my vision and what I am hoping my company will become the launchpad for all my new product ideas.

Wildstar also made a fitting tagline because who, at one stage or another hasn’t dreamt of, or wanted to “go wild” or “be a star”?  I believe these are both strong and empowering statements for everyone, especially anyone full of bright ideas who wants to reach for the stars!

So come and join the adventure! Check out the link below for part 1 of the first ever episode of Starblazers!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tytrgmVIwlg




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