How The Slingstrap was born

 “Necessity is the mother of invention” - Plato

I love to walk, it’s the easiest and cheapest exercise that gets you out of the house but where you can still take in the scenery and stop to smell the roses (or appropriate a few cuttings J).

I also love my Activewear but unfortunately the pockets, if there are any, are tiny and you can maybe fit your keys, if you’re lucky. This was a problem as I could only walk so far without needing to have a drink and there was no way to carry water or money for a drink securely in my exercise gear.

On my walks I also saw a lot of other people walking, jogging etc who were experiencing similar issues. Trying to juggle water, phone, keys etc whilst exercising is just a recipe for disaster! Just think dropped phone or lost keys for starters.

You want your hands free to move with your body or hold onto handlebars, yet you don’t want to have to take a bag or backpack as they are cumbersome and heavy.

There had to be a solution! Bumbags/ Fanny packs are not it!  Besides the horrible names and being ugly as, you still can’t fit much in them and they pull down at the hips, which if you have a bad back is not ideal.

What if, you could fit all your essential stuff including a water bottle securely into a slim strap that followed your centre of gravity and which could become a stylish accessory?

So the kernel of an idea was planted and there was definitely a niche for it but the big question was how do you get a product made? Well you go to Google search and type in just that, then sift through all the things that pop up until you find information about a company, Inventor Group, who can help you each step of the way.

It's been a long journey with a steep learning curve but with the assistance and support of Inventor  for market research, development, sourcing materials, sourcing manufacturers, testing and trademarking, my idea has been able to grow into a real product that is now in stock and ready to improve other people’s exercise journeys and everyday adventures.

Now I'm looking forward to hearing about how you will use your Slingstrap and where your everyday adventures take you.


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